‘Where is the Super League-style fan fury forcing social media giants to change?’ – D…


Get angry over the Super League. Be rightly incandescent over the unflushable Boris Johnson’s alleged claim that he’d rather see dead bodies piled high in their thousands than go into another lockdown.

Let’s get equally incensed, however, over protecting ourselves and our kids online.

Rip apart the ministers awarding billions of pounds worth of questionable contracts to their cronies purporting to fight the coronavirus. Keep the pressure on Johnson over the £60,000 transparency issues relating to his flat ­renovation.

But it is beyond time to deal with the racism, sexism, bullying and other forms of bigotry in the sewer that is often social media.

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The Mirror is campaigning to Stop Online Hate
The Mirror is campaigning to Stop Online Hate

We are carrying the fight because as the world changes and more of us ­negotiate social media, bullies are targeting our vulnerabilities. We are using our voice because the media has a huge role to play in ensuring the tech companies can’t keep fobbing us off.

It is not enough for them to claim they work hard removing hate speech when they can prevent it from appearing in the first place. Sporting icons like Thierry Henry shouldn’t have to stand alone when they are brave enough to use their commercial power to make their point.

We launched the campaign today
We launched the campaign today

Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to keep believing their contribution ends at a hard-hitting soundbite before they kick the issue into the long grass.

The online harms bill, first proposed in April 2019, sets out strict guidelines governing the removal of illegal content. Two years on – nothing.

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Where’s the Super League fire to find out what on earth is going on? Where’s the rage, the frenzy and the fury that the fans brought to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium last Tuesday? Where are the football pundits and Premier League club chief executives happy to brief that “nothing is off the table” in terms of a punishment for the six billionaire owners who wanted to leave for their own European private members club?

Let’s use that energy and turn it on the tech companies. Let’s put a rocket up the backsides of the people in Westminster.

Because our kids and grandchildren cannot continue growing up in a world where the social media giants escape responsibility for leaving them at the mercy of the online wolves.

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