Stashed Pocket Chunky Sandals : DAO Sandals


Streetwear imprint BAPES joins Suicoke once again and this time, the iconic duo turn their attention to the DAO Sandals by Suicoke for the summer season. The two Japanese brands take the silhouette and add a small pouch on each strap as another functional touch. It also has a Velcro closure for an added security.

The sandals are plastered with co-branded details including the signature ABC Camo print. Additional details include the open toe look and the dramatic forefoot strap. The base foundation is also done in a militaristic green for a matching tonal look to round out the entire piece. It also features a tag that showcases the BAPE’s ape logo. The shoes are set to launch officially on May 4th.

Image Credit: BAPE, Suicoke

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