Off-Grid Power Access Batteries : Pecron S1500


The Pecron S1500 portable power station is a compact solution for users who require a way to stay connected when camping, working out in the field and more. The unit features a power capacity of 1,461.6Wh with a 1,500W output to accommodate a range of power-hungry solutions that could include appliances and the like. The unit weighs in at just 25-pounds, which will make it as portable as possible and is further enhanced thanks to a built-in handle on the top.

The Pecron S1500 portable power station is outfitted with an LCD smart display that will offer users access to information pertaining to battery level, real-time loading power, remaining use hours, charging status and more. The unit is well-suited to the needs of professionals or explorers alike and is outfitted with a number of outlets to power up almost any device.

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