How Actor Ashton Sanders Created His Own Oscars Fashion Moment


At last night’s Oscars in Los Angeles, California, actor Ashton Sanders was determined not to have any FOMO. The actor, who played Black Panther Jimmy Palmer in Judas and the Black Messiah, was unable to attend the fête in person as he’s filming the second season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Nevertheless, he was determined to celebrate from New Jersey in his own way.  “With something like this and [the film] being so special, it would have been nice to celebrate with the cast and everybody that was involved,” says Sanders. “But we have to accommodate the times, so here we are.” Instead, the star dressed up in Dior and watched the ceremony from the 1 Hotel in Brooklyn with some friends. “It was really important to give this to myself,” says Sanders.

From the comfort of his hotel room, Sanders wore a sleek black tuxedo finished off with sheer, monogrammed Dior gloves. “It’s a classic tuxedo, but the tailoring is really cool,” says Sanders. “The tailor really did his thing.” When asked about his approach to red carpet dressing in general, Sanders says he often gravitates towards looks that strike the perfect balance between dressy and casual, so this was the perfect mix of the two. “It’s always transcending,” says Sanders of style. “Sometimes I like to really step out, and sometimes I want to pull it back.” The star is a fan of Dior’s menswear off the step and repeat, too. “Kim Jones is really cool. I was really excited to be dressed by them.”

Looking back on his critically-acclaimed film Judas and the Black Messiah, the actor says the project will always hold a special place in his heart. “It still feels like it’s right in front of me,” says Sanders. “I was very proud to be a part of the ensemble, and to tell the story of the Black Panther Party. Shaka King and all of the producers did a great job of cultivating a set that made us comfortable enough to be vulnerable, while stepping into these characters and telling this story.” And now that’s he officially wrapped the awards season craze, he has his sights set on getting some much-needed R&R, after he finishes filming his TV series. “I’m hoping after this that I’ll get back to Los Angeles and enjoy my summer,” says Sanders. “Maybe go on vacation somewhere.” He’s certainly earned it!

Below, a behind-the-scenes look at Sanders’s Oscars night. 

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