Eco-Minded Yogurt Packaging : yogurt cup packaging


This new yogurt cup packaging has been created by Greiner Packaging for Ennstal Milch to offer the dairy brand with a more eco-focused way to contain its products. The lightweight cup is achieved using 20% less material without having any impact on its ability to function in the same way as the original. The cup is also 100% recyclable to help the brand keep a focus on its sustainability commitments going into the future.

Key Account and IML Category Manager at Greiner Packaging Philipp Maurer spoke on the new yogurt cup packaging saying, “The new, lighter-weight IML cup for Greek yogurt is a great example of Greiner Packaging’s dedication to reducing material usage and the weight and carbon savings that come with it. The fact that we also make products from renewable materials on request, which in turn are 100% recyclable, is completely in line with our sustainable mindset and our mission to actively advance the transition to a circular economy.”

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