Artful Upcycled Denim Streetwear : our legacy work shop


Our Legacy WORK SHOP continues to work towards a greener future with its latest collaboration alongside the talents of Denim Tears. Every item in the new capsule is made from upcycled Our Legacy pieces. This includes a brand new shirt, car coat, sweatpants, tee, and hoodie.

All of the items are detailed with artwork created by Tremaine Emory, who is referenced along with the co-branded details nodding to the contributing brands. Khalid Wilman photographs the pieces and speaks about the project. He states, “There are beautiful moments and signatures of individuals that linger in thought and as a result have a somewhat sentimental quality in our thoughts. Be that a Leopard print hat of Mobutu, the watch over the cuff of Gianni Agnelli, or the everything of Dennis Wilson. Dennis is many things, but for me, I saw him as an artist. He has something that I’m not sure I have the ability to put into words just yet, but something I connected to that made me think of the concept of art and ‘the artist’ and the idea I play with that we were born everything but we just forgot.”

Image Credit: Khalid Wildman

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