Self-Watering Flower Growing Kits : Stunning Flower Growing Kits


OUI GLASS HYDRO GROW offers various sophisticated and elegant growing kits, with plants ranging from sunflower and lavender to basil and cherry tomatoes. Each kit features “a glass vase fitted with a ceramic pot and a self-watering wick.” The kits include everything you need to grow the pant such as GMO-free organic seeds that are guaranteed to germinate, one tempered glass vase (12.2cm x 13.5cm tall), growing medium, ceramic bowl, two wicks, as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

Designed to be a thoughtful addition to the home, the OUI GLASS YDRO GROW Kits help brighten and freshen any space. It’s a great solution for individuals who lack garden space and want to introduce more plants into their living space.

Image Credit: OUI

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